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So what do we do?

BrainBugs develops serious games aimed at driving social impact and innovation. We establish meaningful projects in collaboration with partners dedicated to social, cultural, or educational missions, with a strong emphasis on digital and mental well-being, media literacy, and integrity. We believe that sustainable co-design processes are the cornerstone of all social innovation.


Serious game studio

Founded by self-taught game designers Bram Allegaert and Lennert Mottar in February 2023, BrainBugs collaborates with various illustrators, animators and screenwriters on different projects. Take a look at our projects page (in Dutch) to get an overview of our work.

Our studio promotes social equality, active citizenship, media literacy and accessible digital technology. We choose projects and partners that align with these values and focusing on making games that are accessible and modular. This allows for quick updates and adaptations, ideal for iterative co-design processes, enabling us to respond to the needs of users and partners without making them dependent on commercial platforms.

We give the term ‘serious games’ a unique meaning by prioritizing reflection on societal issues, often through moral dilemmas, over mere knowledge transfer. It is important that we do not impose a moral standpoint on the player by promoting a singular worldview or offering very linear gameplay. We always explore how we can provide players with freedom of movement and choice within compact games.

Our original modular approach and passion for societal issues push the boundaries of digital game design potential in various learning contexts. Beyond impacting our target audience, we strive for sustainable expansion and deepening of collaborations across various sectors, starting at the national level. For the world does not lack high-speed trains, but rather slow trains that value different horizons and possibilities.

How we make our partnerships work


Together with our partners and using our own service design toolkit, we enhance organizations and services.


Tools, games, and services tailored to organizations and human beings.


Society and people are central: We create services for people, by people. Technology is a means, not an end.


Gamification, but one step further. We use games in everything we do and believe in the power of games to drive innovation.

GameBeest serious games


Critically examining the impact of technology on our lives and work. Then creating tools that foster better balance. Technology should serve life, not the other way around.


Collecting relevant data in a privacy-friendly way and translating it into our own and political policies. Along the way, we increase data awareness among people and organizations.


We create together with teams, stakeholders, and target groups. This ensures we meet specific needs and speak the right visual language.


People, organizations, societies, and technologies grow and evolve. We evolve with them, tailored and in co-design, to let our jointly developed stories grow.

Our partners

A BrainBugged society

(...) our brains are the product of evolution and, while flexible enough to adapt to the demands of our current society and environment, (they) exhibit “bugs” that are relics of our past.

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